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lens materials. The material similar to that used for bullet resistant glass for the automobile. As the polycarbonate material naturally absorb UV clear lenses can even boast one hundred percent UV protection. Some polycarbonate is approved for use in safety glasses. Unbreakable glasses are lightweight, impact resistant, durable and scratch resistant; the lenses to break almost proof, peace of mind for high impact sports enthusiasts. Polycarbonate eyewear is the only eyewear approved for use in Real Oakley Sunglasses Wholesalemost police and firefighters. The durability is another important quality of lenses of sports eyewear. At ice and are resistant to scratches executives, but lightweight and durable with the essential requirements of certain high impact sports. Polyamide material is commonly used today for executives, great because it keeps its shape even under stress. Both sunglasses and goggles offer excellent ventilation systems in their designs lenses and frames. Is an important feature to eliminate fog an
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